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Carpet Spot Dyeing & Stain Removal

Carpet Spot Dyeing & Stain Removal

Do you have stains others have said are permanent or bleach spots that are ruining the appearance of your carpet, rugs or upholstery? Bleach spots, stains, spills and pet urine can all cause colour loss or bleaching to your carpet.   De Vere Carpet and Leather Restorations can dye your carpet and rugs fixing all those unsightly marks.   Our dyes are 100% colour fast and bond instantly to wool and Nylon carpet.

Scott our Master textile cleaner also specialises in removing tricky or hard to remove stains that others can’t remove.  There are some stains that normal carpet cleaning simply cannot completely remove.  We have developed specialised methods to safely deal with most stubborn stains.   Common stains we get called to remove are:

  • ❖ Tea and coffee
  • ❖ Red wine
  • ❖ Nail polish
  • ❖ Pet stains
  • ❖ Urine
  • ❖ Kids Slime
  • ❖ Shoe polish
  • ❖ Grease
  • ❖ Sudo Cream
  • ❖ Lip stick
  • ❖ Fake tan
  • ❖ Tanning lotion
  • ❖ Bleach stains
  • ❖Grass stains


Common household items or spills that cause bleaching in carpet:

  • ❖ Spot cleaners
  • ❖ Window cleaner
  • ❖ Hair Conditioner
  • ❖ Acne cream
  • ❖ Bleach
  • ❖ White king
  • ❖ Pet urine
  • ❖ Toilet cleaners
  • ❖ Bathroom cleaners


De Vere Carpet and Leather Restorations have dealt with many bleach spots and stains in Redcliffe, Scarborough, Woody Point, Caboolture, Elimbah, Morayfield, Beerwah, Buderim, Caloundra, Glass house Mountains, Golden beach, Mooloolaba and Marchoochydore.

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