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Leather Cleaning

Leather Cleaning

Our gentle deep cleaning process removes dirt, oil, grease, make up and general soiling.It revives, rejuvenates and helps prevent premature damage to your leather lounge, chairs and other leather goods.If its leather we can clean it.Our trained technicians can clean all types of leather from Pigmented leather, Aniline leather, top grain, split grain and corrected grain leather and hides. We can also clean leather in your car, Boat, Luxury Yacht, Motor Home, RV, Caravan, Plane or Helicopter.


Our leather cleaning process involves:

  • ❖ Identification of leather type and construction
  • ❖ Vacuum to remove debris between cushions
  • ❖ Gentle deep clean to remove soiling from grain
  • ❖ Apply specialised nourishing cream to keep leather feeling soft
  • ❖ Apply leather protector to help repel spills


How often should I get my leather lounge cleaned?

All manufacturers of leather furniture recommend professional cleaning at least every twelve months.This remove oils, fats, make up, hair products and soiling that contribute to causing damage to your valuable leather lounge.  A regular  professional deep clean and condition will ensure the leather looks great, feels soft and lasts a lifetime


How do I maintain and clean my leather lounge?

For cleaning and maintaining your leather lounge or other leather goods in between professional deep cleaning.  We sell a quality leather cleaning kit that contains a  professional grade cleaning and protector.This kit is perfect to keep on hand for all those little marks from day to day use.


Damaged leather?

Is your leather lounge or seats looking a little scuffed, cracked or worn, why not take our leather clean to the next level with a leather Colour tint or complete respray of your lounge? Click here to read about our leather colour restoration and repairs.


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